Colleges and Universities


Presentation and facilitated discussion with two to three “Lost Boys” who share their experiences and stories of escape and survival when driven from their homes due to genocide, as well how they struggle to build new lives for themselves.


Provide a forum for students to build a more personal awareness of the impact of genocide and how the victims cope to survive and build new lives.


  • Recap history and context for the political, religious and social events that led to the current situation in Sudan.
  • Bring to life and personalize the perils, despair and insurmountable odds the Lost Boys faced by sharing their survival stories
  • Share a compelling message of hope and faith to students who face their own adversities.
  • Challenge students to examine their own attitudes and behavior and how adopting some of the lessons from the Lost Boys might impact their own circumstances.
  • Inform students on how they can join the Lost Boys’ efforts to raise the literacy rate of South Sudan as a means to fortify this newly independent nation.


1-1.5 hour facilitated panel discussion with video footage and slide show with 2-3 Lost Boys followed by Q&A session. Engagements will be customized upon request


If you are interested in having the Lost Boys speak to your group, please contact Wendi Dwyer or 630-217-1160