Businesses and Corporations


Two to three Lost Boys of Sudan share the life lessons they learned by surviving genocide, wild animal attacks, and starvation as young children.


To provide a forum for employees to learn the power of teamwork and how to face adversity with integrity.


  • Bring to life and personalize the perils, despair and insurmountable odds the Lost Boys faced by sharing experiences and lessons.
  • Highlight the critical roles leadership, organization, teamwork and mentoring played in the Lost Boys survival.
  • Encourage organizations to recognize their global responsibility.


1-1.5 hour facilitated panel discussion with video footage and slide show with 2-3 Lost Boys followed by Q&A session. Engagements will be customized upon request


If you are interested in having the Lost Boys speak to your group, please contact Wendi Dwyer or 630-217-1160