Speaking Engagements

One of our organizational goals is to build awareness of the Lost Boys’ mission. It is not enough to raise funds for education in South Sudan, we must educate communities about the impact of war and the possibilities of hope.

For examples, see our post “Lost Boys Reach out to the Community”


  • Outline Sudan’s history of religious and political conflict and genocide
  • Share personal stories of surviving civil war and genocide in Sudan, as well as important life lessons the Lost Boys adopted in order to sustain themselves in their darkest hours
  • Inspire others to examine their lives and how they can better themselves or their situations by applying some of the Lost Boy’s lessons
  • Encourage people to help create a more peaceful future by providing access to education

If you are interested in having any of the Lost Boys speak to your organization, please contact Speaking Engagement Coordinator, Catherine Head:

catherinehead@rebuildingsouthernsudan.org or 1-773-255-0897



  • Samuel Anei
  • William Mou
  • Malith Ariik Ajak
  • Arkangelo Dut
  • Benjamin Akol
  • Samuel Mayuol