2008 Officers and Board Members

William Mou, Chairman Samuel Anei, Director Donna Berg,  Speaking Engagement Coordinator Malith Ajak, Technology Coordinator Awach Wal,  Technology Coordinator Benjamin Akol, Media Coordinator Arkangelo Dut,  Secretary Mayom Majok,  Building Research Coordinator Deng Deng,  Co-Building Research Coordinator Peter Nhial,  Relationship Development Coordinator Abraham Nhial, Guest Speaker

2007 Officers and Board Members

Co-Chairmen of the Board: Brian Mooberry and William Mou Co-Presidents: Jim Rabelhofer and Samuel Anei Vice President: Mayom Majok Co-Treasurers: Donna Fay and William Majak Co-Secretaries: Jane Mooberry and Arkangelo Dut Board Members: Samuel Mayoul Sarah Mooberry Laura Mooberry James Mum Ajuong Deng Deng