Please consider a donation of any size to help us on our journey

Lost Boys Rebuilding South Sudan is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization comprised of Lost Boys and their American friends. Your donation will help provide the education necessary for South Sudan to become a stable and peaceful democracy.

We offer several ways to donate. We have created a Preferred Account with PayPal, allowing you to easily pay with any existing PayPal account balance, any major credit card or deduct directly from a checking account. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still make a guaranteed secure online donation.

Here some of the needs for our current project in Malualkon:

$50 USD = Supplies for 4 students
$150 USD = Literacy kit for Literacy At The Well
$300 USD = Monthly transportation for a Director to oversee Literacy Instructors at assigned wells
$600 USD = Desks for 20 students at Malualkon Community Learning Center (MCLC)
$800 USD = The MCLC watchman salary for one year
$1500 USD = The salary of a Literacy Instructor to teach an entire well community for one year
$3000 USD  = Construction of concrete floor of MCLC

Thank you for your generosity!

You may also choose to send us a check or money order (please do not send cash) to the following address:

Lost Boys Rebuilding South Sudan
P.O. Box 436
St. Charles, Illinois 60174 USA