Literacy At The Well

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When a woman can read, a woman can lead!

She will lead her family to better health.
She will lead her community to peacefully resolve conflicts.
She will lead her nation to use its resources for the benefit its citizens.

Literacy at the Well brings teachers to well sites throughout South Sudan. Women and girls walk long distances, then wait in long lines ot fill their jerry cans with safe water for their families. This leaves little time for traditional education. Literacy at the Well turns waiting time into an opportunity to learn how to read and write. The learners bring the lessons they learn at the wells home to share with their families.

Lost Boys Rebuilding South Sudan developed the Literacy at the Well program to help raise the literacy rate in this new nation. Currently South Sudan has the lowest literacy rate in the world. Only 1 out of 10 women can read and write and only 3 out of 10 men.

LBRSS recruits, trains, hires and deploys local teachers to well sites. The Literacy at the Well teacher training program, curriculum, culturally aligned educational materials and assessment are all the intellectual property of Lost Boys Rebuilding South Sudan. This program prepares teachers to equip their learners to teach their families and neighbors how to read and write.

Women and girls are leading their nation to a more healthy and peaceful future with the help of the Literacy at the Well program.

When literacy rates go up, child mortality rates go down. When people can read and write they are able resolve conflicts without violence. Illiteracy leaves citizens vulnerable to corruption, exploitation and oppression. South Sudanese families want to be protected and empowered by gaining literacy and language skills.