William Mou

William Mou, Chairman of Lost Boys Rebuilding Southern Sudan

What is your earliest memory?:

“What I still remember from my earliest life is the hut I was sleeping in with my parents when our village was attacked. I also remember the times I look my father’s cattle for grazing.”

How old were you when your village was attacked?

“When my village was attacked in 1987 around 3 a.m in the morning. When the Islamic fundamentalist government from North Sudan declared to kill all people regardless of sex or age in Southern Sudan villages, by that time I was 7 years old.”


Aweil Town in village of Mabioranguei in Northern Bhar-El- Gazal State.

What helped you survive?

“What has kept me alive all these years is the power of God, who took me to Ethiopia and returned me back to Sudan and took me again to Kenya and lead me to a final destination home here in the U.S.A.”

Where do you live now and what do you do?

“Now I am living in Carol Stream, Illinois with my wife and four children, 11 years old Deng, 4 years old Alor, two years Garang and 6 months old Ngong Mou. My wife is Adut Ajang, she is one of the girls who were displaced early in the 1980’s to Egypt and then found her way to the United States before the Lost Boys arrived in 2001.”

Why are you involved with LBRSS?

“I am in the board because I believe that it is my mission a long with my fellows Lost Boys and Americans friends to bring hope and courage to those underprivileged children in Southern Sudan who lost both or one of their parents during the war to have a chance of going to school. I believe that education is the only way we can achieve permanent peace and have a free nation.”

What do you want to teach the next generation?

“I would like to teach the next generation that we are the future of the world. We should be responsible for peace and unity around the whole world and that we should believe in humanity.”

What is your hope for the future?

“My hope for the future is education. Now I am working toward my associate degree in Business Management and Minor in Community Development. My dreams are to work hard and accomplish my future education and go back to Southern Sudan to help those brothers and sisters who are still in darkness so that can also know what the whole world is about.”