Wendi Dwyer

Wendi Dwyer, Executive Director

Why are you involved with LBRSS?

“I first became involved with Lost Boys Rebuilding Southern Sudan because I was inspired by the Lost Boys’ perseverance in the face of adversity. It is a privilege to help them share their message with other people in need of encouragement. Working alongside South Sudanese friends has taught me no one can be free without access to education. This is why I am working to help raise the literacy rate in South Sudan.”

Where do you live now and what do you do?

“I live in Geneva, Il with my husband Tim and our four children. I am an advocate for refugees and the executive director of LBRSS.”

What do you want to teach the next generation?

“I want the next generation to know that nothing is impossible. Even when a situation seems hopeless never ever give up. I have learned this from my friends the Lost Boys and all they have overcome. This has helped me not become discouraged as my sight is diminishing from Retinitis Pigmentosa. I am grateful for all they have taught me.”

What is your hope for the future?

“My hope for the future is that through our efforts we will help equip leaders who are willing to put themselves second and the needs of their nation first, just like  the Lost Boys. The Lost Boys of LBRSS have sacrificed so much to help educate the future leaders of South Sudan, they inspire us all to do the same. “