Emmanuel Ngong

Emmanuel Ngong, Operations Committee

What is your earliest memory?:

“I was out of the village with my cousin and we were at cattle camp for a few days. We heard gun shots and an attack. When we returned home our village was burned down and everyone had scattered. We were alone.”

How old were you when your village was attacked?

11 years old



What helped you survive?

“The support of my cousin. We both encouraged each other even though we were just young boys.”

Where do you live now and what do you do?

“I live in Illinois. I am working at College Church in Wheaton and I also deliver bread. I just returned from installing a well in my village in South Sudan. I would like to return to school at College of DuPage n Wheaton some time soon.”

Why are you involved with LBRSS?

“I am involved with LBRSS because we need to bring education to South Sudan so the next generation will have a better future.”

What do you want to teach the next generation?

“We need to let them know that peace is the best choice and this will give people the chance to work towards their future. Since we have been through a war we know the real difference between life in war and life at peace.”

What is your hope for the future?

“For my country I am hoping since we now have independence I hope we will have good leadership that provides our people with opportunities to utilize their potential.”