Board of Directors

The LBRSS Board of Directors is comprised of South Sudanese and Americans, providing a balance of perspectives and experiences.

2014 Board Meetings

Wednesday, February 12, 7:00 PM (Annual Meeting)

Saturday, May 10, 10:00 AM

Saturday, September 6, 10:00 AM

Saturday, November 8, 9:00 AM

South Sudanese Board Members: The Lost Boys

William Mou, Co-Chairman of the Board, Vice President, & Chief Operating Officer; also National Director in South Sudan

Mayar Bona, Lost Boys at Large Representative

South Sudanese Additional Founding Members:

Ariik Malith Ajak, Operations

Benjamin Akol, Operations

Emmanuel Ngong, Operations

The Lost Boys understand the immediate problems facing South Sudan and how to motivate cultural change as “insiders.” Through LBRSS, these men:

  • Created a speaker board which has presented to over 80 audiences, including high schools, universities, corporations, religious organizations and civic groups, sharing their experiences as genocide survivors as well as the history of South Sudan.
  • Inspired American students to help provide education for students in South Sudan through volunteering, fundraising, and donating.
  • Fortify individuals to overcome discouragement and differences by sharing their miraculous stories of survival and forgiveness.
  • Serve as role models for South Sudanese both in the US and in South Sudan by demonstrating the empowering effect of education on their lives.
  • Carry out the LBRSS Mission in South Sudan with a unique understanding of the culture and language. They are fluent in four languages – Dinka, Arabic, Swahili, and English.
  • Have become knowledgeable and highly effective negotiators for building supplies, installation of wells, education materials, volunteers, travel costs, and currency exchange.
  • Guide American Board members on issues of cultural norms and sensitivities.
  • Access news in real time about South Sudan from sources on the ground, and serve as an excellent resource for vital information.
  • Motivate those who work with them to do their very best and serve others selflessly, by never giving up or becoming discouraged in the face of adversity.

American Board Members:

Wendi Dwyer, Co-Chairman of the Board, President & Executive Director

  • Has experience working with refugees for over 30 years, teaching ESL and supporting cultural acclimation
  • Gained an understanding of the South Sudanese culture by sharing her home with many refugees from South Sudan over the past seven years
  • Directed several community wide art projects in the Dandora slum of Nairobi, Kenya involving 500 students. This led to becoming an advocate for Kenya Children’s Fund
  • Mentored by President of Kenya Children’s Fund, Ginger Palm, on how to bring a vision to reality
  • Travels to Northern Bahr El Ghazal in South Sudan in order to build relationships in the community and collect data for various education projects including the Literacy at the Well program
  • Presented at over 80 high schools, universities, civic groups, and religious organizations with the Lost Boys of Sudan to raise awareness and funds for education in South Sudan
  • BA in Education, Concordia University-River Forest
  • Organizes fundraising events on behalf of LBRSS
  • Served with LBRSS for over seven years as a board member, fundraiser, managing director, and public speaker

Sarah E. Senechalle, Board Secretary

  • Holds a BA in Economics from the University of Illinois and a JD from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law
  • Has served with LBRSS for over six years
  • Has gained insight and appreciation for the South Sudanese culture by having a Lost Boy live with her family

Joe Connolly, Treasurer

  • Entrepreneur with broad based experience leading turnaround, start-up, and high growth operations
  • Extensive strategic planning experience for both For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Boston College
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Northern Colorado
  • Completed executive program at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University

Paul Fritz, Director (Strategic Planning)

  • Managing Director with KPMG, LLP
  • Experienced business executive with deep business operations experience
  • Seasoned Management Consultant
  • Domain expertise in business strategy development, operations management, business transformations, and information technology
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Performance Officer at TransUnion, LLP
  • Managing Director at BearingPoint
  • Vice President and partner at Diamond Technology Partners
  • Associate Partner at Accenture

Dr. Kristen Ross, Director (Education)

  • Educator for over 30 years, with experience as teacher, principal, and assistant superintendent for curriculum, and as an adjunct instructor at Northern Illinois, Aurora and St. Xavier’s Universities
  • Master’s Degree in Curriculum with a K-12 reading specialist certification
  • Doctorate from Loyola University in Educational Leadership
  • Worked as an educational consultant for curriculum development, instructional coaching and implementing the common core standards
  • Is a member of the Board of Directors for American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education, as well as LBRSS


David Gichuki, Program Director in South Sudan

  • Managing Director of Malualkon Learning Center and Literacy At The Well Project
  • Experienced and accredited secondary school teacher
  • Experienced Headmaster of Fairview Academy in Nakuru, Kenya, a secondary school with a large South Sudanese refugee population
  • Earned valuable cultural experience working with South Sudanese students and their parents
  • Excellent references from his staff, members of the South Sudanese community in Nakuru, and the students at Fairview Academy